White Background Product Photography

General Products

General Products include packshots, shoes, cosmetics, stationery, books, groceries and more – typically 90% of the items that don’t fall under apparels or jewellery, will fall under this category. If you are unsure, just drop us a call or email and we can advise.

1st Image


The first image you select for download for every product item is affordably priced at $15 only.

Per Additional Image


And if you choose to download more images for a single product, you can get them at only $5 each!

Pick-up & Delivery


For orders with 5 or more products (non over-weight/over-sized), pick-up and return delivery will be FREE! Otherwise, pay $25 for the 2-way delivery of your items or you can have them delivered to us and we’ll waive the charges.

Group Shots
Group shots are priced at $30 per image (for 2 to 10 products) and $50 per image for 11 to 20 products.
Total size of group shot must not exceed 100x100cm. If there is a preferred arrangement of items for your group shot, you will need to provide us with a visual guide on the arrangements.

Total weight of products should not exceed 10kg and package size must be less than 60x60x60cm. Otherwise, there might be additional charges for delivery. Contact our SnappyFlies to find out more if you are unsure of the delivery charges.

Other Important Notes
At least 1 photo must be selected for download for each product item. Of course, if you love our images, we will be happy that you download even more!

If your product comes in a packaging and you would like us to take both in and out-of-package shots – we can do so too! But they will be considered and charged as separate product items.

To keep our photography affordable, all our images are shot without digital enhancements. If you require digital enhancements to be done on your photos after they are shot, we can do so for a separate fee. Drop our SnappyFlies an email and we’ll be glad to advise!